Chapter 7:

Finish Him!

Machine Heart

K-111 turned around.

His target was in front of him, in the flesh, but his gaze was on the girl.

In a disgusted hoarse voice he said, "Good job, that's just what I was in the mood for tonight."

The girl nodded, and the smile on her face immediately wiped away.

The man took K-111's arm and began to drag him away with him, toward the door that connected the warehouse with the pub.

The boy heard the music slowly fade, saw the lights grow dimmer and more distant, and looked again at the girl, who from the distance moved her lips slightly, looking into his eyes, as if she wanted to tell him something.

When they reached the pub, the man sat down and motioned to the boy to do the same.

Then he began to speak.

"It's nice to meet you, my name is John, what's your name?"

"K-111, sir."

"Never heard such a name boy, and tell me, how old are you?"

"Sixteen," he lied, lest the man change his mind.

So far everything was going far too well, and he could not let such an opportunity pass him by.

"I must say, you are just my type you know?

You see, I come from the center, and there, a man with my interests doesn't have it easy.

There's obsessive control, and if a kid disappears overnight, it doesn't go unnoticed.

I had to escape here, otherwise they would have arrested me and taken me away, besides, in this place forgotten by all, there're only you slaves, and I can see your metal hearts" he said tapping his finger on his monocle.

"If any of you were to disappear, or get raped, who do you think would care? Besides, you're not even human, you're just machines.

Since I've been here, the number of my victims has reached 256" he said with a disgusting 32-tooth smile plastered on his face.

"If only there were male "S's"..."

"Some S's? What are you talking about?"

"You know the girl from earlier? Her name is S-352, which means a Slut."

"Wait, does that mean that girl is a Machine Man?!"

"That's right, but of course the government keeps everything hidden, you are supposed to be just the labor force, and prostitution is definitely not socially an acceptable work for Citizens.

So we can say that she's a "Machine Woman," and if you were wondering, yes, that's the only work that is allowed to them.

But enough of wasting our time on small talk, follow me."

The man pulled out a weapon from his coat, specifically it was an electromagnetic wave gun, which for any human, would have had no effect, but could have severely compromised Machine Men's hearts.

He pointed it at the boy's back and began to walk behind him.

The two entered a separate room in the pub, with a dirty old bed, a nightstand, and a mirror.

The man closed the door behind him and said: "Start taking off your shirt."

And so K-111 did.

The man undressed completely, stowed his weapon, and began to approach.

"Very good, and now it's time to..."

K-111 pulled out the knife and looked at the man.

"How's that possible? You didn't have anything hidden, how did you do it?"

The man tried to reach for the gun he had propped up, but the boy was too fast for him.

His breath came out all at once.

After hitting him with a straight to the stomach, K-111 got up on his hands and with a roundhouse kick smashed his jaw.

The man fell to the ground and no longer able to formulate words, or make any sound, tried to crawl away.

"Don't make me break your legs too, trash.

Keep quiet and it will all be over soon."

With the tip of the knife, he entered the man's throat, and following the circumference of his neck, he pulled his head off.

It was a vivisection.

Murder had been accomplished.

It was 20 minutes before the deadline.

K-111 took his clothes, and wrapped the man's severed head inside them.

He opened the door, but something had gone wrong.

A pack of angry men were waiting right in front of him.

And they were armed.