Chapter 8:

I'm Gonna Knock You Out

Machine Heart

He had been caught, the sound of shattered bones had attracted the pub's criminals, and now armed with kitchen knives, pool cues, and other homemade weapons, they were ready to take revenge and not let the boy get out of there alive.

"What the fuck did you do to our boss, kid?"

Said one of them.

K-111 knew he couldn't defend himself; after all, they weren't authorized targets.

However, It wasn't a good reason to surrender toward them.

"What did I do to him? Isn't it obvious?

I simply slit a dirty pig's throat, nothing other than what he deserved."

A glass bottle struck him in the head soon after, causing a deep wound.

With his face covered in his own blood, K-111 looked at them, and began to laugh.

"You pigs think you can knock me out with so little? What the fuck do you take me for? Huh?!"

No one answered; K-111's resistance had made his assailants falter.

The boy was now aware that he could do nothing more against them, but all of a sudden, his eyes turned inside out, leaving only two completely white balls .

He fell into a trance-like state.

Then he heard a voice in his head that began to speak to him.

"Boy, it's C.C. I managed to establish a connection with you through your heart.

Listen carefully, my informants have discovered that the pub where you are now is the hideout of all the major rapists and pedophiles in town.

Basically everyone you find in there is an enemy of the government, and must be eliminated.

You have all the time you need, if you can exterminate them, you will have passed the final test, forget about John's head as well."

"Ok boss, I understand."

The men looked at K-111, who remained motionless.

"Ahahaha, look at him, he fainted standing up!

He wasn't so strong after all.

Come on, let's take this bastard out!"

One of the big men picked up a pool cue, and with a sideways motion, directed it toward the boy's face.

"Now die, you stupid robot."

K-111 regained consciousness, and stopped the blow aimed at him with his hand.

After that he drew the knife, and with a clean stroke, slashed the face of the man in front of him from side to side.

He screamed in pain.

The boy, grabbed him by the hair, and brought his head closer in front of his own.

"Who the fuck did you call a robot? If you hadn't noticed, you and I bleed the same way when we get hit, I'm made of skin and blood too, you stupid pig."

"Then why don't you try opening the left side of my chest and look at what you find in there? I bet you've never seen a real one."

"As you wish."

K-111 threw the man against the wall, and then with his knife, created a square gash in his chest, letting his still-beating heart dangle out.

"You were talking about this? For someone like you there is no value in this organ, I'm a killer, I don't need to have a heart, I kill who I am ordered to kill.

You, on the other hand, have wasted the gift you have been given because you are a greedy pervert and filthy, and now I'm going to take this privilege away from you."

K-111 severed the arteries and aortas that held the man's heart together, then picked it up, and still pulsing, took it in his hand and crushed it until it exploded like a bomb of blood, which covered it entirely.

The heartless corpse, fell to the ground, helpless.

"Now you are like me, a heartless one."

K-111 turned with a mask of blood and a chilling smile on his face, looking at the remaining group of men, terrified.

"Well, who's next?"

He said, but he knew well that despite his strength and skill, he was no match for all those behemoths in front of him.

He launched himself on the attack, and the men, in an act of desperation and panic, went on the counterattack.

A boy of 20, alone, against 15 grown men.

After a few steps, three people broke away from the group, and K-111 found three electromagnetic guns in front of his nose.

He knelt down and raised his hands, dropping the knife next to him.

Now he was really fucked up.