Chapter 27:

Special chapter: Gordon Lostwell

Lyceus Awaits

Gordon Lostwell a 49 years old man who had a really tragic life being born an outsider. Gordon didn't really have a father as his mother was an outsider, who was raped by multiple men on a daily basis which caused him to be born. The men also used to abuse her and basically treated her like a dog in a small hut.

The men threw the mother and son some food only enough to keep them alive. The abuse from the men got wilder and wilder, wild enough to make it impossible for her body to handle. Gordon's mother was a broken person  walking around in a lifeless body now. The men also used to abuse Gordon and broke a bone or two everytime they did.

One day when Gordon was 5 years old his mother was raped in front of his eyes by a drunk man for 6 hours and after that she succumbed to all the injuries she had recieved her whole life.

All the other men had left and he was the only man now, sleeping in the hut. Seeing the opportunity Gordon decided to kill the man and escape from that wretched place. He used a broken piece of glass and stabbed the man in his neck while he was sleeping. Then he got out of the hut and ran away from it as far as he could without stopping.

It was his bad luck that after jumping into one frying pan he landed in another one. He was taken by some scientists to be a part of Project Syndicate, the same project Nathan and Grim Reaper were a part of. He was the friend of Nathan that had been later taken to the secret ward, where Grim Reaper had already been, after an incident involving Gordon had happened.

There he was tortured, throwed chemicals on, operated and a lot more. In the secret ward Grim Reaper had faced a harder time but it doesn't mean that Gordon didn't go through a lot as well. Although he was not operated to have a suit inside him like Grim Reaper, he was operated for other things such as having the white crystal planted in his brain. This is why Gordon had grown to be the strongest suit wearer in the world.

After the facility had been destroyed Gordon survived having one of the INDIGO suits attaching itself to him like he was a magnet for the suit. Giving him insane power and abilities that were unparalleled. He had the ability to manipulate his own blood and insane regeneration. Pain wasn't his problem anymore as he felt it his whole life and there were many things he could do by manipulating his own blood. He also had a force field of a small radius protecting him so that his opponents couldn't attack or get near him until or unless they are strong enough to get through it. However his most insane ability was The Crimson Eyes of The King that allowed him control over the minds of all those who weren't wearing a suit. This ability wasn't really useful when it came to fights but was a really important ability for his plans. Furthermore, his suit was fully black coloured and an exception to his suit was that its core was in his head instead.

Gordon was now another survivor of the Project but unlike the other two he had no good plans for the world. He planned to rule the world and gain all the power in it for himself by any means necessary.

He killed many people with his own hands in the start but after that he sent others to do his dirty work and controlled the world from behind the scenes. He had no sympathy for those he killed innocent or not.

Gordon had the ideology that those that are killed or fail somewhere in life have no one to blame other than themselves as they weren't strong enough to live or didn't have enough power to live, having failed a challenge life presented to them. This ideology allowed him to kill or get people killed without remorse and a second thought.

He always used to say the strong and powerful have every right to do whatever they want with the weak. Gordon hated his mother and the wild men for being weak and pathetic. Gordon thought that even villains should have some standards and rules even if they are evil and rotten to its core.

The philosophies he learned and adopted turned him into a man who was obsessed with strength and power hungry beyond comprehension.