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For those who can’t keep their eyes off from quality web fiction, we present our spectacular collection of original Japanese light novels translated exclusively for Honeyfeed. These novels will form part of Honeyfeed’s new light novel web series; a weekly publication of translated Japanese original light novel series of stories you won’t find anywhere else! Presenting works from talented Japanese authors like big bear, Gaia, and Akiraizun, this showcase brings you the best web light novels of qdopp’s World Novel Project 2020 Awards:

Japanese title: Class mate wo Zenin Korosareta Ore wa Sono Tamashii wo Bukini shite Fukushuu Suru

Author: Akiraizun

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Survival, Isekai, Military/War

Start date: Friday, May 15, 2020.


During a school trip, my classmates and I are suddenly dragged into the middle of a raging war. A crazy woman tells us that we’re on another planet and won’t be able to return to Earth unless we take back a castle from the enemy. She grants us powers to do battle, but while all of my classmates obtain powerful skills, I can’t seem to activate mine. That’s because my skill is the ability to turn my dead classmates’ souls into weapons.

Thus begins a grand tale of a banished man taking revenge for his murdered classmates.

A word from the author:
“I am an Osakan light novel author who loves games and animals.”

Chapter Schedule

I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls
Chapter 278/3
Chapter 288/7
Chapter 298/11
Chapter 308/15
Chapter 318/19
Chapter 328/23
Chapter 338/27
Chapter 348/31
Chapter 359/4
Chapter 369/8
Chapter 379/11
Chapter 389/14
Chapter 399/17
Chapter 409/20
Chapter 419/23
More chapters to come...

Japanese title: Shinya no Convini Baito Hajimeta kedo Maou toka Kappa toka Henna Hito ga Kisugite Tsuduketeijkeru Jishin ga Nai

Author: Gaia

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Short Story, Isekai, Thriller

Start date: Saturday, May 16, 2020.


On his first ever graveyard shift at the local convenience store, Haru Muramatsu has to contend with a genuine, albeit out-of-touch, demon lord. His clientele only gets weirder from there, ranging from kappa to kuchisake-onna. Each chapter brings new challenges for the snarky (but secretly altruistic) cashier, and no two customers are the same!

A word from the author:
“I love to write stories that people can enjoy in their free time.”

Chapter Schedule

It’s My First Time Working Late Nights at a Convenience Store, and If I Keep Getting Demon Lords, Kappa and Other Oddballs as Customers, I’m Giving My Two-Weeks’ Notice
Chapter 207/31
Chapter 218/4
Chapter 228/8
Chapter 238/12
Chapter 248/16
Chapter 258/20
Chapter 268/24
Chapter 278/28
Chapter 289/1
Chapter 299/5
Chapter 309/9
More chapters to come...

Burned Out Heroes

Japanese title: Burned Out Heroes

Author: big bear

Genre: Action, Drama, Mecha, Sci-Fi, Military/War

Start date: Saturday, May 16, 2020.


The discovery of a miracle substance called “anamnesis” that allows human brain waves to alter matter itself plunges mankind into an all-out war, the Anamnesisian Conflict. Cyborg 01 (ZeroOne), a hero of the war, now wanders through its aftermath, roaming from place to place with Karen, a girl with the power to bend digital networks to her will.

The pair visit a massive artificial island dubbed the “Soul Settler” during their travels. A request to look into the disappearance of Erde Hadias, the daughter of a Federation Parliament member, awaited 01 upon arrival. A colossal conspiracy lurked behind the scenes, however, and now the two of them are in the eye of the storm.

A word from the author:
“I’ve written novels in a variety of genres, from historical fiction to superheroes.”

Chapter Schedule

Burned Out Heroes
Chapter 187/29
Chapter 198/2
Chapter 208/6
Chapter 218/10
Chapter 228/14
Chapter 238/18
Chapter 248/22
Chapter 258/26
Chapter 268/30
Chapter 279/3

qdopp’s World Novel Project was a Japanese light novel writing competition in which over 300 talented professional Japanese writers participated and only the best 3 were selected to be translated and featured in Honeyfeed.

The publication of these web novel series will begin May 15, 2020, with the prologue of“I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls” followed by“Burned Out Heroes” prologue and“It’s My First Time Working Late Nights at a Convenience Store, and If I Keep Getting Demon Lords, Kappa and Other Oddballs as Customers, I’m Giving My Two-Weeks’ Notice” chapter 1 on May 16, 2020.

We aim for these great Japanese web light novels to inspire your own, and if you’re looking for authentic new serials to read we hope our variety of award-winning fiction will yield to your needs.

Honeyfeed will regularly post translated chapters of these novels as well as other fun features coming soon featuring these and other works. Please follow our announcements in-site and through our social media for chapter post schedules and more details!

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