The Totally Terrific Trash-Chan!!

Who's the best girl in the world? Why, it's Trash-Chan!**

Toshi Chikamatsu, who goes by the name Trash-Chan, is your regular everyday best girl, who lives in a trashcan with wheels. An avid fan of anime and manga since she was small, it's been her dream to be recognized as the best girl in the entire world! But how can she do that from the dank, dark alley of Sounai City? She is going to have to put out all the stops, and use her perfect, best girl charms to woo the masses! Will she win the man or woman of her dreams? Will she turn the phrase "Your Waifu is Trash!" into a compliment? Will she get her own anime adaptation!? Probably not, but we can sure watch her try!

**According to Trash-Chan Magazine's article "Why I Am the Only Waifu Worth Having!"

GenreComedySlice of Life
UpdatedJul 31, 2017
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count3,694
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