Chapter 3:

Volume 1, Chapter 3: Heart-to-Heart

Parable of the Renegades

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In another nation on the eastern side of the planet, a walled house stood in the countryside. Slightly elevated off the ground, it was built with a traditional design in mind and made mostly out of furnished bamboo and wood.Bookmark here

The walls that surrounded it were made out of concrete while the roof that shielded it on rainy days was tiled with broad eaves. Only a single story high, every side of the structure had open windows and exterior hallways, allowing the wind to enter as a cool breeze to the rooms inside.Bookmark here

From a single view outside the main room's porch was a Zen garden. The artificial, stylized landscape was composed entirely out of carefully arranged rocks, bushes, pruned trees and a rectangular section filled with sand. The carefully raked sand and gravel made patterns reminiscent of water ripples, which helped to visualize the garden with the calming essence of nature. The side of the house in which the Zen garden lay, pointed to the south, allowing the sun's rays to keep a steady light in its main room during the day.Bookmark here

Facing the garden in a kneeling position was a girl. Her long raven hair with a hint of midnight blue was let down with an asymmetrical fringe framing her face. She listened to the morning chorus of cicadas singing while meditating with one eye closed. Her other eye wore a strapless eyepatch. She was dressed in a modest casual summer garment, consisting of a sky-blue robe made from cotton with a sash of a darker hue tied around her waist.Bookmark here

A cackle from the far distance broke her out of her trance. A blot from the sky headed straight for her, its shape becoming clearer as it got closer.Bookmark here

It was a raven that carried a single piece of paper rolled into a scroll in its claws. As the raven passed the girl, it dropped the scroll which she caught before it could touch the ground.Bookmark here

She unraveled the scroll and her azure eye read every detail, not skipping over the slightest bit of information. Once finished, she stood up and disappeared into the house’s main room, taking a curved and slender single-edged blade off its wooden mount along the way.Bookmark here

✦✧✦✧✦✧✦✧✦✧✦✧✦✧✦✧✦✧✦✧✦✧✦✧Bookmark here

Lucas was still relaxing in the Jacuzzi. Thanks to his mind floating away into bliss, he didn’t realize that over four hours had already passed since he first took the dip. Watching the steam rise from the hot tub and the dyed water's purple color made him wish this was a magical hot spring like its appearance suggested. He wished it was capable of getting rid of the aches and bruises on his body in a few seconds at first but resigned back to reality a little later. Technically, this was healing water and what did he need to rush for? The jets of water hitting his back in a relaxing torrent felt too good to cut short.Bookmark here

"Lucas, what are you doing?"Bookmark here

The door in the room opened and Rea walked in. With no patient at the moment, she took the time to check on her adopted-son out of concern for his well-being as any decent doctor or mother should.Bookmark here

"Just spiced up the jacuzzi a bit with some lavender. It feels great, I think I'll be good as new later," Lucas answered.Bookmark here

Slowly, he let himself loose and submerged under the colored water to the point that not a single trace of him peaked out on the surface.Bookmark here

"Lavender, you say? That's not a bad choice." Rea began to unbutton her lab gown. "Okay, make some room because I'll be joining you in a minute."Bookmark here

Lucas hardly heard a thing as he was still holding his breath underwater, letting the torrents massage the back of his head.Bookmark here

When he reached his limit, he emerged for air and rubbed the water out of his eyes. Lucas was caught by surprise as he watched a lean but shapely figure dip into the water in front of him. Rea had shed her lab gown, revealing a pendant around her neck and her swimsuit, now flaunted in plain sight.Bookmark here

"Mmmh... You weren't kidding..." She closed her eyes and let out a pleasant sigh of relief as she sat down. Hearing it made Lucas a bit uncomfortable with his position.Bookmark here

"Okay, I’m done." Bookmark here

He tried to climb out of the Jacuzzi in haste, only to be stopped by a hand that placed itself on his shoulder and gently urged him back to sitting down.Bookmark here

"There you go with that excuse again. It's because we're not related isn't it?"
Rea gazed at him with slightly concerned eyes.Bookmark here

"Is it really okay for us to be doing this?" Lucas murmured under his breath as he averted his sight to his own distorted reflection on the water.Bookmark here

"You shouldn't be getting nervous. This is nothing compared to how it's done in Nihan," Rea said. "At least I'm wearing my swimsuit and you have a towel around your waist."Bookmark here

She stretched out her limbs and relaxed. In response, Lucas tucked legs in to avoid any physical contact.Bookmark here

"Speaking of Nihan," Rea added. "I hear that people who relax in the hot springs together tend to be more open about themselves. Like this is the chance for them to understand each other better."Bookmark here

Lucas shuddered. "R-really?" Bookmark here

"It's all superficial, but while we're here, why don't we give it a go? Be honest, how do you see me?"Bookmark here

Her arms spread across the rims of the Jacuzzi. Forget heart-to-heart, Lucas turned around and buried his face into his arms.Bookmark here

"Um... well... make no mistake about it, you're someone I value." He was unaware of his adoptive mother's slight upward lip curl from hearing his honest answer. "I’ll always be thankful that you took me in when I had no idea what to do. Although your work can sometimes take up most of your time, deep down I know you’ve been doing your best to look out for me whenever you could..."Bookmark here

His eyes peered out the cross of his arms and stared at the blank wall.Bookmark here

"...But you know, it's hard for me to call you 'mom' just like that. Ever since I started living with you, it always felt like you were trying to forcefully replace the mother I lost. Almost like you wanted me to forget she existed."Bookmark here

"I see," Rea closed her eyes and crossed her arms under her bust, deep in thought. "I'll admit, trying to make you call me your mother was a bit of an obsession on my part. Perhaps it was because I found it a bit irksome to be called 'Ms. Nightingale' instead of something a little more... endearing..."Bookmark here

Lucas felt a bit puzzled by that last word.Bookmark here

"...Then you got older and started to call me by my first name. For me, it's a little better than 'Ms. Nightingale', but still disrespectful for most families when you think about it."Bookmark here

"Hey, that reminds me,” Lucas turned around after remembering a comical moment. “We've had a picture taken of just the two of us once every year. Even though both of us got older with every new photo, I was the only one who kept aging. I know you're over twice my age, but since you still looked the same as back then, calling you by your first name just started to feel natural."Bookmark here

Rea gave a smirk that didn’t go unnoticed. "Bringing up how my age contrasts my looks?"Bookmark here

"Also, because we looked like we were around the same age, some people would start mistaking us for a couple. Sometimes we even had to clear it up for them and the reactions that came after that were often priceless. A little embarrassing, but also a little fun to remember."Bookmark here

"So, going by that logic, right now you're embarrassed because a girl who looks around your age is joining you here?" Rea asked.Bookmark here

The tense shudder from Lucas that followed told her everything.Bookmark here

"Ah, that confirms it. You really need to get used to socializing with girls, Lucas." Rea looked on amused at her adoptive-son, who shuddered again. "Also, I assure you that our relationship is that of a parent and her child. There are no ulterior motives, coming from me at least."Bookmark here

"Same here..." Lucas muttered, a little ticked off Rea was bringing up the possibility of an ulterior motive from his side.Bookmark here

"Hear me out. Being a family goes beyond a relation by blood. A true familial bond comes from everyone who looks out for you. The best comes from those who do it even when you don't ask for it."Bookmark here

As she reached the end of her statement, Rea felt like something had struck her. She flashed back without any intention of doing so, looking like she was in a trance.Bookmark here

What she remembered was a pair of gravestones erected in the ocean depths. Bookmark here

"It’s thanks to you that I can forget the loss of my husband and son--" She clamped a hand over her mouth, right as she blurted a whisper.Bookmark here

"Did I just hear something?" Lucas asked, his curiosity piqued by the vague contents of that last line. Rea quickly reacted by mounting a facade of indifference, which led Lucas to eventually dismiss it as an auditory hallucination. The hot water they relaxed in must have been starting to cause some side effects. That was the conclusion he jumped to.Bookmark here

"Well, it's my turn to ask you a question," Lucas said. "You could have gone to an orphanage if you wanted a son, but the orphan you choose was found in an abandoned apartment complex and forced to rely on eating raw food for days just to survive. Why did you choose to adopt me?"Bookmark here

Rea froze in place. The pair of gravestones emerged into her thoughts again.Bookmark here

"Are you alright?" Lucas moved closer, almost not remembering his earlier shyness.Bookmark here

"Oh, you seem to be better." Rea snapped back into reality and changed the subject in haste. "That reminds me. Since you've been occupied for a while, shouldn't you get something to eat?"Bookmark here

As if the timing was perfect, a grumbling noise erupted from Lucas' stomach and tiny bubbles appeared to be popping in his throat. It looked like mending his injuries made him forget that he also needed something called food.Bookmark here

With a heavy sigh, Lucas climbed out of the Jacuzzi, leaving Rea to ponder to herself as she faded into the water.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"That memory... It should've been buried a long time ago."Bookmark here

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