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I am

A good for nothing who found his place which was writing a story

registered at: Sep 29, 2021
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    A light novel reader. I speak both English and Spanish. Learning Japanese.
    I am just trying to share my thoughts, lol.
    Hello, and read Strangers Club.
    Apple supremacist! 🍎 Reject humanity, return to 🍎! That is the only truth! I try my best to write a quality story! Please enjoy my work!
    Writer/Muscian Youtuber
    Hi there, I'm Hysare :D
    I'm an aspiring writer/artist just trying to touch up on my skills and see what people think of my writing.
    Hello readers, My name is AJWrites, a growing writer and creator with dreams of professional novelization and a career in the world of comics and manga. I'm a huge fan of Horror, Myths, and Monsters alongside the world of superheroes. My biggest creative inspirations are Dwayne McDuffie, Mike Mignola, Jeff Lemire, Yoshihiro Togashi, Hiromu Arakawa, and Go Nagai
    Help me escape the reality.
    Novice Writer and Hoping to Improve
    Just your friendly multinational trying-to-be-narrative-designer-and-author. Hopefully, I'm not dying too much from classes and work so I could write more.
    Just a student who likes writing in his free time or during zoom meetings when I am bored. I really hope my teachers don't see this.
    Hi, i am a new novel author that just joined this site. I don't really know how to write anything good so please let me know what you think
    IM going to try to publish my book so im sorry for taking it down
    I'll judge your story, I won't take it easy on you.
    20 year old Otaku Rapper Amateur storyteller Novice Novelist Self Proclaimed オタク王子 I try to create wherever I can with whatever is out there. I want to be someone who contributes to Otaku culture as a whole. I don't fully know how this site works so I'll be doing continuations the way I see them done in actual books
    An aspiring author hoping to build their skills and finally get the courage to share their work. I hope you enjoy reading my stories and take something meaningful from them - though I can't promise all will have a happy ending! Follow @euphemia.makes.art on Instagram for updates :)
    I try to make romantic stories. Age: 17 Gender: Male Insta: https://www.instagram.com/demigodcorpes/