Hello there, this profile is where you'll find the 'UnderCurrent' series which has become my passion project these last few months.
All my books are connected to it but equally all of them are also independent & stand alone.

If your looking for short stories (usually tragedy's) then 'An Ode to Fallen Nemo' should serve you nicely.

For a full length novel with an altogether too ambitious scope - You can try the main book 'UnderCurrent'.

Not a fan of mecha and space wars?
No problem, 'The Girl He Used To Know' is my most recent work & is a romance, mystery novel - It's written to be a bit shorter & more webnovel friendly & is perfect for those only wishing to sample my work😊.

As for me I write overly long anime reviews and record some for the YouTubes.
I'm presently working most on my original novel series 😊.

My cover arts were commissioned from the wonderful Taki's.

All likes & critics are most welcome, please enjoy your stay &,
Thanks for reading!😊😎

registered at: Oct 14, 2021
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    “One day the world shall tremble beneath my feet! [Insert evil laugh]” Y’ello! I like anime, but I like free stuff even more; I see web novel, I click (I’ll try to write some too). Will stick around for as long as I can afford internet access. Life aspiration: world domination. See you around, mortal.
    A few stories had been gnawing at my mind for the past few years. This mght be a a good opportnity to pen them down! Weekdays would be very busy for me but I will be sure to interact over the weekends. ヽ(*゚д゚)ノ
    An introvert who appreciates the small joys of life.
    A fan of anime and manga here to share some stories.
    just a writer from the sprawling midwest sometimes i finish things
    Your Average Modern Fantasy enjoyer
    "I am Horde for we are many with Vengeance!" Check out my novels and tell me what you think! New chapters come mostly every Tuesday and Saturday at 11pm Central Time (US & Canada)
    Just an anime-loving writer from Greece 20 y.o. 🇬🇷 As you can already guess I’m not an English native speaker, but I try my best to sound like one, at least. Hope you enjoy my stories!
    Naught more than a humble teller of tales...