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Jun 09, 2023

I have finally caught up to the ending of the story and I have so much I want to say, but don't know how to say it!? First of all, this story you wrote flowed so nicely along with the mystery of what happened to Misaki and just in general the events one by one. There were a lot of topics that you touched upon that I thought was very important, such as motives and experiences affecting on a person's actions. Misaki was a character that suffered from some of the people around her and they caused her to experience some scary times for so long, and that event warped her slowly even after she passed in the school. In a kind of weird way, through the loneliness felt, I want to say that maybe the school and the otherworldly inhabitants inside took pity on her as she accepted their presence despite the circumstances, so in a way she wasn't "alone". Past that, I'm glad that her family remembers her at the very least, so we know and have closure that she was truly loved by at least the people closest to her. I will now hope that the others can put it past them and move forward, even though their lives for certain won't be exactly the same, I hope it unites them in a strong bond that gives them strength.

I enjoyed your story, including the twists you put into it and all the fun references that you sprinkled everywhere! There were times I laughed and times that I felt sad, but overall in the end, I'm grateful for this story you have written. Thankful for the characters and their stories that you created and developed. It was a joy to read and I am looking forward to reading your next work! ^^)/✨

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