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Per Astra

Hi guys I'm Per, but you can call me Astra. I'm a college student. I'm doing my best :)))

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    *vibrates with excitement anticipating the next chapter* I am very normal about stories I love. (Read as: Avoid me if you don't want me to throw every story I've ever loved in your face.)
    ~ minatika ~ she/her I use too many emojis 👍 Offline // Focusing on personal life I'm currently working with an Agency to publish my writing! ❤️ #FollowingTheDream #NextStopBookstores
    Hey everyone! I'm new to writing and thrilled to share my first mystery novel with you. Creating this story has been a dream, and your thoughts mean a lot. Let's embark on this adventure together and make some awesome memories !!
    you can call me am <3 she/her i don't have taste but i do have fun uwu
    Hello.. I quite busy as a writer an artist s, stay tuned if you read my stories.. ;)
    Carra Wolf. She/Her. Reddit: Carra_Wolf Pinterest Profile Name: CarraWolfpack
    Hello lovely people, my name is Alexandria Francetic, and welcome to my collection! I began writing at a young age, mainly writing fan fiction in the beginning of my writing journey. I started writing prose fiction at the age of 15, and I have been creating ever since. I specialize in science fiction, dark fantasy, supernatural, gothic horror, and post-apocalyptic fiction tinged with a heavy dose of romance and existential angst. I live in the backwoods of East Texas, where I continue writing and improving my craft. Anime, manga, and video games are some of my biggest sources of inspiration, and I draw many influences from mythology and symbolism in my work. I am also a full-time college student currently studying in pursuit of my master's degree. When I'm not doing schoolwork, reading, writing, or researching, I can usually be found watching anime, reading manga, playing video games, or listening to music. I am also on Wattpad: