Tuflyel [2VL]

Tuflyel [2VL]

I do not care if people do not read my work. I just want it to exist in this world. Someone in the future can read my work and bring it to life. I leave my hope for the future in the hands of you, the one who will do something with what I create. For that is the curse of humanity — the hopes and dreams of those before are passed to those who live now, disguised as a present. Those who see it as a present, and truly know what it entails, will be victorious with what little is given to them. Those who see it as a curse will curse the world until they are forgotten within the memories of man.
I can't help but notice how novels with good covers do better, even though this "ecosystem" is more about words, and the meaning within them, rather than the artistic value presented to one's eyes. 🤔
You will never truly understand sweetness if you are enticed only by what is on the surface.
For those who put so much effort into novels and obtain zero recognition, I shed a tear for thee.

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