Hollow Of Dawn

Hollow Of Dawn

Originally an anime critic from the golden-age of Youtube anime reviewing, I now spent my time working and, in recent times, write stories about Kitty Sugawara.

My favorite franchise is the Fate series, having read the 'Fate/Stay Night' visual novel twice, seen the major anime adaptations, viewed some of the spin-offs, and even play 'Fate/Grand Order' on the regular.

Favorite author is Ray Bradbury.

I love the Film-Noir genre and have a liking for the classic "Old Hollywood" style in general, though my favorite director is the late, great Akira Kurosawa (who's not Old Hollywood). Also I'm an audiophile.

'The Kitty: From Wives To Wormholes' is my current project.

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    The Kitty: From Wives To Wormholes!

    In this Neo-Pulp Noir story, on the city planet in the Amaron star-system, Kitty Sugawara works as a local freelancer, a mercenary capable of any job (with exceptions). On an uneventful night, she is approached by the wife of a union leader to investigate the disappearance of her husband. Hi...

    Updated: Jan 16, 2023