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I usually read back as a courtesy but if you're gonna read JUST so I return the favor, heed my warning: I won't

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    A write who comes from another fantasy world
    Nothing much about me. Just writing as a hobby . Please encourage me so that i can write and improve further,thanks.
    Let's explore the uncharted territories of imagination.
    A guy that wishes to write good stories but is too lazy to make a plot deeper than one sentence. I've also been drawing "seriously" for 4 to 5 years (around 2019-2020)
    Greetings! I am Venti Simp, an ardent fan of Genshin Impact and a passionate writer. Unfortunately, I am currently facing the challenge of limited storage space, preventing me from downloading my beloved game. Aside from being a writer, I also possess artistic skills and have a deep appreciation for storytelling through books. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance as I embark on this new journey here.