Konoko Asada

Konoko Asada

I am a manga - anime fan since I was six and my passion for it only grew stronger over the time.

In my last year of high school, I decided to create my own manga, but with the exams coming up, I couldn't go farther than creating my heroine and roughly sketching the story. However, as a reminder, I took my manga heroine's name as my online alias.

Anyway, when I found the MAL x Honeyfeed Writing Contest announcement, I was very enticed by the idea of having Konoko's story made a Japanese manga. I have never had the chance to write one word of this story up until now. I only drew three embarrassing manga panels 😅. It was never meant to be a web novel either 😂. Yet, I decided to finally write it as a web novel for this contest.

While I doubt it will actually become a Japanese manga (too good to be true 😂!), I feel very happy that I managed to write this story 😊!

registered at: Jul 07, 2021
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    Oct 25, 2021

    To:Joe Gold

    I hope I'm not answering too late 😅. In any case, you don't need to take these scenarios too seriously. Just thoughts passing through a reader's mind 😋. I always trust the author's version most!😉

    1) Marilyn arrives back on Mars and Jack follows her. Though Jack is on her side and assists her, he also tries to convince her to become a better person and stop the bloodshed. I imagined two possible things that may happen with Jack's former companions on Earth. Whether Jack and/or Marilyn ask for their assistance, whether, at some point, Marilyn decides to conquer Earth. Thus, their former companions will become their enemies. In this latter case, I imagine that Jack will try to convince Marilyn to stop that war.

    2) Jack doesn't agree to Marilyn's ways, but he cares about her. After ending up with her in a different place (again I think of Mars 😀), Marilyn locks him up as a traitor because he opposes her plans. Jack tries to escape back on Earth and seek his former pals help in order to confront Marilyn to convince her to abort her evil plans. In his endeavor, he may also make some allies on Mars.

    3) Jack and Marilyn end up on Mars (I apologize for this, but it seems my imagination got stuck to Mars 😂; perhaps because Marilyn's father wanted to go back there and even Marilyn herself ran away from there only to survive). As Jack opposes Marilyn, part of the Martian people take his side, leading to two factions that fight each other. However, Jack doesn't want to be Marilyn's enemy. He wishes to find a way to be at peace with her and convince her to forget about conquering the world. He may seek his Slashers fellows' help or...another thing I thought of was that the Slashers themselves would start searching for Jack.