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Jun 09, 2022

"I'm not suggesting all Lesbians are actually bisexual, either. They just have a thing for me specifically." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

That whole thing might've been the funniest sequence I've read in weeks. Like, uber-hilarious stuff. I love controvercial comedy, if that term even makes sense. The societal threat some people feel from it just makes it even more hilarious somehow.

Also, I am now eagerly awaiting the moment when it is revealed just how delusional this Melo fellow is. Until disproven I will regard everything he says about being popular as simply false. He must've made everything up, perhaps even the whole scenario surrounding the events with that 3rd most beautidul girl.

He is with the Dreamer's Club, and I could easily see that the true objective of this club is to break the members out of their delusions.

Like, perhaps Derek is the only sane one and he's trying all sorts of things with the others or something.

Most likely Melo was angry at women for never paying him any attention and perhaps being a bit rude in their rejections. His solution? Hide in a dream land where he is the one rejecting everyone! From there, thinking he's so alluring that even lesbians can't resist him isn't such a far stretch anymore.

Alas, such is my theory on that matter. The sheer incomprehensibility of this dude's psyche cracks me up.

I'm also getting a clearer picture of the girls, all the while our little dear Melo causes chaos among the student body.

He likes treating women like pets. Why doesn't this surprise me in the slightest?

Then there was his failed attempt at acrobatics... 😂

Maybe that other dude can humble him a bit. At least Melo knows that he is a monster (like L), though I now want to know what type of monster this Derek fellow is in his mind. Screentime for the girls is all well and good, but that guy needs more presence as well! 😤

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