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It's a me. I'm an aspiring light novel writer hoping to one day see my works in anime form. I hope that my works at least brighten up your day and give you something to look forward to.

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    Feb 09, 2024

    Happy Birthday to Itsuki! 🎉
    Speaking of birthdays, I feel this is the best place to reveal the birthdays of the main cast as well as give some quick facts about them:

    Rika was born on 4/12/97 and is 165 cm tall. Her favorite food is snake meat.
    Masaru was also born on 4/12/97 and is 170 cm tall. His favorite food is funnel cakes.
    I ended up choosing this date for them mainly at random. I simply wanted a day in the middle of April and figured why not April 12th. Funnily enough, April 12th is Walk on your wild side day which fits Rika well, and could apply to Masaru in some cases.

    Matcha was born on 5/2/97 and is 163 cm tall. Her favorite food is yakisoba.
    The significance of Matcha's birthday is that May 2nd is National Matcha day.

    Mimi was born on 1/20/52 though is 18 physically due to being cryogenically frozen. She is 165 cm tall and her favorite food is danablu cheese.
    Like with Rika and Masaru, I initially chose her birthday at random. However, it turns out January 20th is National cheese lovers day, which fits Mimi.

    Waki was born on 9/9/97 and is 166 cm tall. Her favorite food is spicy tonkatsu.
    September 9th is national wiener schnitzel day. Since wiener schnitzels are very similar to tonkatsu, it made sense to choose this date for Waki.

    Zuina was born on 10/25/97 and is 163 cm tall. Her favorite food is breadsticks.
    October 25th is National pasta day, however it is also the day National breadstick day (which is always the last Friday in October) falls on this year. Since breadsticks go well with pasta, I decided to have Zuina's birthday be October 25th. As for why she likes breadsticks so much, they're simplistic and not too fancy.

    Benihime was born on 6/21/95 and is 164 cm tall. Her favorite food is wagyu.
    June 21st is National wagyu day which is why I chose this for Benihime.

    Itsuki was born on 2/9/98 and is 168 cm tall. Her favorite food is pizza.
    It might seem weird that Itsuki's favorite food is pizza, but she truly enjoys it. She's also made plenty of pizzas and experimented with combining new and weird toppings. When her father found out, he was furious though ended up allowing Itsuki to eat only gourmet society approved pizzas. February 9th is National pizza day, so it's fitting for that to be Itsuki's birthday.

    Finally, here's Helga as a bonus:
    Helga was born on 8/13/97 and is 164 cm tall. Her favorite food is filet-mignon.
    August 13th is both National filet-mignon day as well as the first day of Obon.

    I hope you enjoyed learning more about the main cast of the series.

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