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I'm just a writer.


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registered at: Jul 01, 2021
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    Semi-finalist - MAL x Honeyfeed Writing Contest 2021

    The dream of my life is to become a writer, and I intend to work hard to make this a reality sooner or later. For this reason I really appreciate the comments, and any criticisms, which could help me improve my style. Enjoy! Contact :
    Naught more than a humble teller of tales...
    • Freelance Writer • Gamer and lead editor of Critical Gaming Channel • Co-founder of Hello! Comics
    hello!! i'm lilya and i'm here to publish my story for the contest, but i love reading in general so looking forward to seeing many interesting works ❀ i love reading manga and i'm into joseimuke games like touken ranbu, mahoyaku, enstars and the like!! open to chat anytime on my discord (same name as here) or my twitter accs (liliantsia and fancifulily!!)
    A casual writer obsessed with anime and manga :)
    Just a French complete beginner (well, for now) writer with an aspiration for the screenwriter profession. Passionate about animes, manga, role playing and many other things (mainly dinosaurs and animals in general)!
    Fantasy, horror, slice of life, romance, mystery, psychological. I adore to write many genres. Characters and storytelling are my forte! I'm greatly inspired by the feeling of anime and character driven video games. Profile Icon by @KOHICY_1225
    No, I'm not Japanese.
    I do plan on putting some books on here, they will mostly be high fantasy, and sci fi, I don't write ecchi, yaoi or yuri. I do cover art though... might take a month or six XD
    I'm a 21-year-old author who enjoys writing almost every genre under the sun! Currently I am working on the YA BL romance novel Fair, no Fair.
    Current Novel: The Skeleton & The Idiot Sorceress. Instagram: @skeletonidiot Email:
    Nepsilon7️⃣ reporting for duty!
    An aspiring author, who mainly works in the tech industry