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My friend I enjoyed this the first time you gave it to me and I'm enjoying it now. I don't think ...


Agreed, that's all the spin off is for at this point. I have a good idea of what to do going forw...


aaaaa I really appreciate that thank you T___T I'm glad to hear it gives off a bit of an anime vi...


Nice. I like the dialogue. She seems to be a bit on the unfriendly and overly serious side, not s...

Mans out here just getting courted by the mother like in the good ol' days pissing shitting sobbi...

I'm sorry, it's not a new chapter (it's part of chapter 2). I had to split them due to the rule t...


Thank you so much, I poured a lot of love into crafting that vibe of a chaotic, caring family tha...


Better late than never, I guess.

To:Peace Sign

More action is coming in the very near future 😁