mal writing contest 2021

"I Was Browsing MAL As Usual Then I Realized My Web Novel Could Become Manga" or "MAL x HF Writing Contest" for short was the first MyAnimeList and Honeyfeed collaboration. Announced on June 24, 2021, this collaboration aimed to shed light on all the anime enthusiasts that, with their talent and passion have created fantastic worlds of their own and delivered them to the world through web novels.

Anime, manga, and light novels from Japan have inspired the world for decades, now, it's time to show Japan what we can do. "Have you ever dreamt about one of your stories being adapted into manga? Thought of the perfect plot, but weren't sure how to get published?" These were the questions we tried to answer by launching the MAL x Honeyfeed Writing Contest. Following five different writing prompts to choose from, hundreds of stories were created on Honeyfeed and voted on by the MAL community. All of you came together to help the top three authors realize their dream debut with a chance to be adapted into manga and published by Kodansha.
If you still dream of making your stories into manga someday, then don't miss out on the second MAL x Honeyfeed Writing contest coming in 2022!

Can’t wait? Don’t let the contest date limit your creativity! Everything posted on Honeyfeed, new or old, will be eligible to enter this 2022 contest under certain conditions. More details about this will be announced later, stay tuned!



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