mal writing contest 2022

"I Was Browsing MAL As Usual Then I Realized My Web Novel Could Become Manga" or "MAL x HF Writing Contest" for short is a MyAnimeList and Honeyfeed collaboration that started in 2021 with the intention of shedding light on all the anime enthusiasts that, with their talent and passion, have created fantastic worlds of their own and delivered them to the world through web novels. Now in 2022, this contest returns with more opportunities for writers around the globe, as the winners will once again get a chance to be adapted into light novel or manga to be published in Japan by Kodansha.

Anime, manga, and light novels from Japan have inspired the world for decades. Now, it's time to show Japan what you can do.



"School Prompt”

"Rom-Com Prompt"

"Cyberpunk Prompt"

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