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    St. Clover's Golden Academy [Cancelled, to be reworked]

    St. Clover's Golden Academy [Cancelled, to be reworked]

    St. Clover's Golden Academy [Cancelled, to be reworked]

    St. Clover's Golden Academy [Cancelled, to be reworked]

    St. Clover's Golden Academy [Cancelled, to be reworked]

    Aug 31, 2022

    This is THE perfect chapter; perfectly sums up the story if I didn't know what the writing process situation was.
    That aside, I think this is the best chapter in this novel simply because it summarizes, packages, entertains, clarifies, and creates a desire for a continution (please?). There have been some unresolved plot points I possibly (inaptly) determined.
    Maybe, I'll have to reread. The middle chapters were quite blurry and chaotic to me; early chapters were established because I read them before.
    Considering this wasn't proofread probably exposes my reading incomprehension.

    "To make a better _" in this case, COTE. Only once in my mind----an instant----did I compare or make comparisons of GEP to COTE, specifically the characters. I've said this once, for assurance and for encouragement, but I'll say it again: this is not a clone; it's very much original, at least to me. I cannot simply compare Erica Jiwoo to Horikita without understating or exaggerating one or the other; they're disparate. Chong simply has his own problems, different from Kiyotaka's goal. The other characters (I won't pretend that I understand and remember them all; they might have been simply unmemorable) are developed enough to distinguish them to their competitive counterparts. The plot, setting, mostly all are different.
    I repeat, this is not a clone.

    The prose is (compliments to the chef) chef's kiss. The comedy is brash and well-executed. There were times when I was laughing out loud, reacting to the absurdity of our dear Darren.
    And, the plot's 8.5/10 (make me cry, I'll bump it to 9.5). Note: this is with bias since I know some stuff (thx super, how darst thou).

    Technical-wise, it's near perfect (accounting for missed errors that may be nonexistent), but I have one qualm which I consider to be a technical error.
    I know it's for the prose and whatnot, but you must attach dependent clauses to an independent clause.
    But, I suppose that would ruin half of the enjoyable writing I so gratefully read.

    I have three wishes, O' genie Super:
    Firstly, a sequel/volume two. Secondly, that you should've finished earlier, hence more chapters and excellently cooked pace (impossible wish. Requisite: reversing time).

    Lastly, rid tred pwitty pliss? Yu pramised dis b4 :'(
    (I know you drop novels you don't like, so please tell me if you didn't like it.)

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